Infro is a circle of people all over the world who need support in different ways to bring their projects or ideas into reality. People need business marketing, Financial, educational, and mentorship support to bring their ideas to life. People who wish to start or finish a project either to start up a business, company, buy land, own a house, buy a car, further their education, publish a book, launch an album, apply for a visa, go for medical treatment, and so on but could not get the support they need from family and friends or from their savings, or even through loans. Infro helps every individual who needs any form of support to get the training, mentorship, or financial support they need. The training, mentorship, and funds each member will receive from infro are totally free and the funds they will receive are non-refundable and are paid directly to the member’s bank account. Infro is not just an organization but is a global community where we work as one family to raise and support one another.




Infro helps you to turn your dreams into reality through the I RAISE, YOU RAISE AND TOGETHER WE MAKE OUR DREAMS COME TRUE MOVEMENT. Infro uses an ancient method that people have used to assist themselves to get support and it is being modernized in this generation for people to also receive support, training, and mentorship. “Infro has the interest of people in its core” Infro is not a business or an Investment program. It is a non-profit organization that supports people who need training, mentorship, and financial support but no one is ready to help them, they could not save up money to carry out the project due to the high cost of living and banks have failed to give them loans because the bank feels the applicants do not have the criteria to get loans or the individuals are scared of getting loans from the bank due to the high-interest rate and other reasons. Infro is a movement where we assist people to make their dreams come true.




“THE WAY FORWARD FOR PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD IS TO JOIN FORCES TO HELP EACH OTHER” Infro, just as the name implies is one of the best communities anyone can belong to. It enables you to build a team to divide and conquer tasks.

Make no mistake: Infro can require a little effort perhaps even on par with a full-time job, so make sure you have a minimum of three people available who also need support for you to make the most of the experience. Whether you’re working with business partners or simply family and friends, a well-organized team can help you reach out to other people who need either business ideas training, mentorship, or financial support by posting to social media, emails, calls, local community, responding to inquiries, or updating your group. Additionally, work closely with your team to set aside ample time in the planning stages on how to reach out to people who also need support.




It is the backbone of every support that you will receive. Infro is a journey that requires little effort.

There is no way to sugarcoat it:

Building and engaging with Infro movement needs some little work. But for those willing to make the commitment it will enable you to bring your idea or project to reality, increase your livelihood, and also the success of your business. To build an infro community, you need to spread the word and reach out to many raisers because millions of people all over the world need support in different areas of their lives. You can do this by creating awareness through online and offline seminars, sending emails, contacting people through calls, sending messages, sharing links on social media to spread the good news about infro.





An engaged Infro is an expanding community, When you have raisers who are passionate about helping you and themselves they are more likely to reach out to others who are likely to become raisers to also get support for their projects or ideas.





Infro is like most other things in life. It is better when is done with other people. You can achieve your dreams faster when you work with other people whether young or old. Engaging in the Infro community is not only good for you, but the bottom line is It is also good for raisers who joined the movement because every raiser will achieve their dreams. Infro community requires commitment, transparency, and trust.