Infro works according to the law of nature of when you help others you are also helping yourself. If you need help, first of all, you have to support someone who also needs help.

To become a member of the Infro, you need to pay a one-time fee of $20 After you have made a raise of $20 to fund a project, you will start receiving raise to fund any project or idea that you want to make a reality. The training, mentorship, and funds you will receive are being delivered through the “I raise, you raise and together we make our dreams come true movement”

The Funds you will receive from Infro, you are not paying interest on it and you will not refund it. The funds you receive from Infro are yours Forever. In the Infro movement, support is being given in phases so every new member (raiser) begins from phase one (1) and ends on phase three (3). The total funds every member will receive at the end of the Infro project from phase 1-3 is a total of $20,160. The funds you will be raised are paid directly into your bank account or e-wallet.